What to Do If You Hit a Deer with Your Rental Car

The state of Texas is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Some of the major game animals in our state include white-tailed deer, mule deer, desert bighorn sheep, and pronghorn antelope. So, it’s not shocking when one of our clients calls us with the news that they’ve hit a deer or another wild animal with their Ability Rent A Car rental. Thus, you shouldn’t feel bad, as these accidents are common, especially if you venture outside the city. So, take a deep breath and follow these steps if you’ve hit a deer with your rental.

What to Do If You Hit a Deer with Your Rental Car

1. Inspect the Damage

If you’ve hit a deer, you’ll want to do everything you would normally do in the case of an accident. You should pull over to a safe spot, turn on your hazard lights, and check on others in your vehicle. Call 911, especially if anyone needs help or if there is a chance the animal can be saved. If possible, get out and inspect the vehicle’s damage while keeping a safe distance from the injured animal. Note any broken windows, lights, and body damage. Have your phone handy and take pictures of all the damage so you can file the right claim with insurance.

2. Call for Roadside Assistance

Hitting a deer can cause significant damage to the vehicle, so you may not be able to drive away. In this case, you should call for roadside assistance and have your rental towed. If you didn’t take advantage of our roadside assistance policy or lack an AARP service, you could take advantage of pay-per-use platforms like the Honk app. Either way, you should not attempt to drive off in a vehicle that’s badly damaged from your run-in with a deer or other large animal.

3. File the Insurance Claim

Whether your collision coverage was purchased through us or you plan to use your own car insurance, you’ll need to file an accident claim. This is where you’ll use the pictures you took, providing proof that your accident was not due to reckless behavior on your part. You should also prepare to notify our office of the accident and provide us with all of the information you have.

Plan Your Trip to Texas

There are plenty of reasons to visit Houston, especially if you’re exploring the great outdoors and all the wildlife in the area. Here at Ability Rent A Car, we have reliable cars, trucks, and SUVs that can keep you safe should you have an unfortunate accident with a deer or other large game. Get a quote online for your next visit or call us at (713) 224-5489.