4 Benefits of Renting an SUV for College Game Day

College football season is here again! And like every other year, it presents a chance to enjoy the game with your fellow classmates. But before you do, you need to figure out how you’re going to get to the big game. If you’re looking for a convenient and affordable way to get there, consider renting an SUV from Ability Rent A Car. To convince you, here are four of the benefits of renting an SUV for college game day.

4 Benefits of Renting an SUV for College Game Day

1. Space for Friends & Gear

Renting an SUV means you have plenty of room for your friends and game-day supplies. You can all ride together and bring everything you need for the tailgate and the game without worrying about having enough space. Whether you need to pack coolers, a grill, or even a pop-up tent, there’s enough room in an SUV to make transportation easy.

2. Comfortable Ride

College football games are often held in the early fall when the weather can be unpredictable. It could be cold and rainy, or it could be hot and muggy. Either way, you’ll want a comfortable ride to the game. SUVs have spacious and comfortable interiors with air conditioning and heating to ensure you’re comfortable no matter the weather.

3. Easy for Young Drivers

Like most college students, you might not meet the minimum age requirements for the other guys. But with Ability Rent A Car, that’s not a problem. We allow drivers as young as 18 to rent and drive our rentals, guaranteeing you’ll have a way to the big game. Just keep in mind that drivers between 18 and 20 must provide proof of residency, a valid driver’s license, and proof of insurance that covers the rental vehicle.

4. Affordable Cash Rentals

One of the standout features we offer is cash rentals. This means you can easily rent a vehicle without worrying about credit checks. By eliminating this step, we streamline the rental process and make it quick and simple for you to get your SUV and be on your way to the big game.

Make Every Big Game

Renting an SUV from Ability Rent A Car for college game day here in Houston, TX, has many benefits. You’ll have plenty of space for your friends and gear, a comfortable ride, easy parking, great for road trips, and safe transportation. So, gather your friends, and let’s ensure you don’t miss the kickoff! We also have minivans for larger groups and trucks for people who travel with tailgating gear. Get your quote today at (713) 224-5489.