Bring These 4 Items to Outfit Your Rental Car

Bring These 4 Things to Outfit Your Rental Car

You’ve got your Houston-area travel plans, you’ve picked up your rental car at Ability Rent A Car, and thanks to our simple checkout process, you’re ready to get on your way. But before you pull out of our conveniently located lot, take a few moments to make yourself comfortable in your rental car. Check the mirror placement and the seat settings, and make sure you know where the hazard button is. Want to really make yourself at home? Take a look at our tips below on what you might want to bring along.

1.  A small bag for trash

This could be an extra plastic grocery bag you stashed in your carry-on, or the bag that your fast-food lunch came in. Either way, it’s good to quickly make a designated spot for trash in order to keep your rental car spotless. 

2. Charging cables 

Our late-model cars should come with the appropriate plugs to charge your phone, but bringing your own cable is probably a smart move. 

3. Tissues or wipes

It might be helpful to bring a small packet of tissues, paper napkins, or wipes to have on hand in case of spills or other mishaps. That way, you can make sure you’ll get your full deposit when you return the car. 

4. Documents for renting with cash 

At Ability, we pride ourselves on making car rentals available to everyone. However, when paying with cash or debit card, there are some additional requirements for documentation. Take a look at our rental policies page to find out what you need to have in hand. 

Since 2002, Ability Rent A Car has been serving the Houston area with dependable car rentals. Our goal is to get you on the road and get you where you need to be. Request a quote online now or call us today at (713) 224-5489 to get your trip started.