3 Things to Do Before Returning a Rental Car

Renting a cheap rental car once you’ve landed in Houston, TX, is easy with Ability Rent A Car. We ensure you have everything you need to make your visit fun and pleasant. We know your time is valuable, that’s why we offer complimentary pick-up from the Hobby Airport. Once you’re done with your rental, we’ll even drop you off for your flight home. However, before you return your car to us, here is a quick checklist we’d like for you to review.

3 Things to Do Before Returning Your Rental Car

1.Fill the Gas Tank

Before you return your vehicle, stop by the gas station and fill up the tank to the same mark it was when you drove off the lot. It’s best to choose the fill-up station that’s closest to the rental facility so you don’t use up the gas driving back to rental lot. While you fill up, take the time to clean out any trash or debris inside the vehicle as well.

2. Remove Your Personal Items

Riding around in a rental car means you’ve probably stored a few personal items in the center console or glovebox. Before you return your vehicle, do a sweep-through and check all of the hiding places. Some of the most common items left behind are sunglasses, charging cords, and smaller electronics, so be on the lookout for these items if you used them while in the car.

3. Inspect for Damage

One thing many people get charged for after returning their vehicle are the small dings and dents they didn’t notice before. If you’ve been on gravel roads or in crowded parking lots, walk around the vehicle and make note of any paint chips or nicks. Document them with a picture on your phone, and then ask a rental employee to walk around the car with you for inspection, as well. Before you leave, ask for a final report and receipt to ensure you’re not charged for any undocumented damage.

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