3 Money-Saving Car Rental Tips

The prices of car rentals are a lot like the prices of plane tickets: They fluctuate with seasons and levels of demand. The best time to book your rental is as soon as possible. If you’re planning a trip into the Houston area, then schedule your car rental as far in advance as you can. Early booking will ensure you get the best rate and the vehicle you want. At Ability Rent A Car, we understand how important it is to have a reliable car for your visit. Plus, we offer several tips that could help save you money on your next trip.

3 Money-Saving Car Rental Tips

1. Avoid Peak Seasons

If you’re planning a fun weekend getaway with friends, or a business trip to visit clients in Houston, try to avoid peak seasons. Typically, these seasons include important holidays, some summer months, and even times around large events hosted in the city. Scheduling your car rental during these periods could cost you more, due to high demand. To save money on your trip, pick a week or weekend that doesn’t coincide with an increase in expected travel. 

2. Book at a Location

It might be tempting to book your rental straight from the airport, but you’ll have to pay. Airport rental companies tend to hike up their prices, and include high fees for damage or longer stays. Instead, book with a trusted and reliable city location. You’ll still have a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, without the hassle of expensive fees. 

3. Extend Your Stay

When shopping for the right car rental, play around with your dates. Sometimes, returning or renting a car on a specific date can increase the price. If you have flexibility, extend your return date a day or two. The additional days could save you a good chunk of change. You’ll enjoy the extra stay, and so will your bank account. 

Book With Us

Don’t get discouraged by the prices and vehicle selection from other places around Houston, TX. Instead, book with Ability Rent A Car. Not only do we have a wide range of cars, SUVs, trucks, and minivans, but we also accept credit, debit, and cash. We even rent to anyone 18 and older, making us the ideal car rental location for everyone. Visit us online and get your quote, or contact us by calling (713) 224-5489.