Why You Should Buy a Rental Car

If you’re looking for a new, used car, you might find that the dealership doesn’t have what you want. Perhaps you’re worried about your credit, or you don’t have the down payment needed to keep your monthly payment low. If this is your case, then Ability Rent A Car wants to encourage you to consider buying a used rental car. But why? There are plenty of benefits that come with buying from our rental fleet.

Why You Should Buy a Rental Car

Credit is Not an Issue

There are many reasons to buy a rental car. For one, it can be a great way to build credit. Rental companies report payments to the credit bureaus, so you can significantly improve your credit score this way. Additionally, buying a rental car is typically easier for those with lower credit or no credit at all. Because financing is done through our preferred partners, it’s easier to get approved and drive off in your new, used vehicle. 

Rentals are Well-Maintained

When you buy a rental car, you’re purchasing a vehicle that’s been well-maintained. Rental companies keep vehicles on a regular maintenance schedule. Repairs include oil changes, tire rotations, and any other maintenance required. We, too, do this for our vehicles, and we’ll provide you with the maintenance report when you buy from our fleet.

You can Rent Until You’re Ready to Buy

If you can’t decide on which car, van, truck, or SUV you’d like to buy from Ability Rent A Car, then rest easy knowing you can rent until you’re ready to buy. Our cash payment policy also makes it easier for you to budget your rental into your monthly expenses until you’re committed to a vehicle. So, if you want to learn more about renting from us or buying from our lot in Houston, TX, contact us at (713) 224-5489.