Three Reasons to Choose a Cash Car Rental

Choose a Cash Car Rental

For most of the major car rental companies, having a major credit card is a requirement for anyone looking to rent a vehicle. This rule can be inconvenient for a variety of travelers, especially those who are actively trying to get out of debt or don’t wish to own credit cards for any reason. Just because you don’t have a credit card doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to travel or rent a vehicle when you need one. There are several great perks to going with a cash car rental company, and here are three to get you started!

1. It’s Safe

These days, swiping plastic can come with risks, no matter how reputable the merchant. Avoid having your identity stolen and your accounts fraudulently drained, and go with cash instead!

2. It’s Straightforward

Working with cash is simple. You owe a balance, and you hand over a certain number of bills that cover that balance. Done and done! It’s easy to keep track of your money, and not have to worry about signing receipts or watching balances.

3. It’s Open to Everyone

Not everyone wants or can obtain a credit card, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Cash is a universal currency, and everyone should have the chance to rent a car when they need it. Period.

Cash car rentals are becoming more popular, and for good reason. Don’t hesitate to book with one through Ability Rent a Car for your next vacation or business trip! We promise you won’t be disappointed.