Things to Do Before Driving Away in Your Rental Car

Personal Rental Inspection

Car rentals are commonplace these days, as more and more people are traveling for business and pleasure. However, many people aren’t aware of all the things that can go wrong during the car rental process, and don’t know how to protect themselves. Whether you are new to car rentals or have been a pro traveler for a while now, here are three things you should always do before you drive your vehicle off the lot.

1. Complete an inspection

Always take the time to do a thorough inspection of the vehicle and document everything before leaving. Often, drivers are charged for damage to the car, but some wear and tear doesn’t get noticed, potentially putting you on the hook. Don’t assume the rental company knows about that scratch – write things down and take photos.

2. Double check your rental terms

Before you drive off into the sunset, it’s important that you are aware of all the terms of your car rental agreement. These things include mileage limitations, fees for extra drivers, return deadlines, and other details.

3. Make sure you have your paperwork

Even in the simplest car rental scenarios, there is still important paperwork to keep track of. Ensure that you have your driver’s license and insurance cards back, and that you have a safe place to stash the rental papers, emergency instructions, and the vehicle manual.

Renting a car can be a hassle-free and enjoyable experience, if you are smart about it. These tips will help keep your car rentals smooth and easy!

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