Rental Cars Are For Everyone

Car Rentals For All

If you are someone who doesn’t like using credit cards, or are under the age of 25, you’ve probably encountered some trouble when trying to rent a car in Houston. Most car rental shops have strict requirements when it comes to payment methods and the types of drivers it allows, and this can seriously put a dent in your travel plans! There are millions of people that could use a clean, convenient rental car, but run into issues like these when attempting to book one.

However, there are more and more car rental services popping up that don’t have the same restrictions, like Ability Rent A Car, helping people get on the road! If you are struggling to find a rental car for your situation, look for a company that has the following perks:

Lower age minimums

Many rental businesses require drivers to be over the age of 25 in order to rent a car, but that leaves lots of potential customers out of the loop. Luckily, there are companies now that allow drivers under 25, and even some that rent to drivers 18 and up.

Flexible payment options

Not everyone has a credit card, and there are many more who would prefer to pay with cash or a debit card for their car rental instead. Look for a company that gives maximum payment flexibility.

Quick turnaround

Sometimes, you need a rental car at the last minute, or your travel plans unexpectedly change, and you should be able to find one! Thankfully, some companies offer 48-hour reservations, and also on-site rentals for maximum convenience.

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