How to Avoid a Catastrophic Wildlife Collision

When most people think of Texas, they often think of wide-open roads and desert landscapes. While our state has its fair share of nothingness, we also have plenty of roads that wind through dense forests and rolling hills. Unfortunately, these roads usually land people in trouble with the wildlife. In fact, Texas ranks third in the country when it comes to wildlife collisions. So, before you leave Ability Rent A Car with your new rental, make sure you know how to avoid these unwanted encounters.

How to Avoid a Wildlife Collision

Be Aware and Alert

Deer are one of the biggest culprits of wildlife collisions. They are fast and nimble and can appear out of nowhere, especially while driving through wooded or crop areas. Typically, deer are more active between dusk and dawn, explaining why so many deer accidents happen at night. So, if you’re driving through an area with deer signs or where you suspect deer might be active, it’s best to stay alert and ready to avoid collisions.

Use Your Brights

The brights on your rental come in handy for this reason specifically. Some Texas roads can be rather dark at night, making it difficult to see farther up the road. But, when you rely on your brightest headlights, you can see things better up ahead, including wildlife. Furthermore, the bright lights tend to reflect off any beady little eyes watching you along the side of the road.

Look for Groups

Deer and wild hogs tend to travel in groups, so it’s best you be on the lookout for these large animals anytime you’re passing through wooded areas. If you spot an animal crossing the road up ahead of you, it’s likely more are to follow. So, if you want to avoid a collision, keep an eye out for others in the group. Additionally, if you’re traveling around during the springtime or mating seasons, be aware of mothers and their young crossing the roads. 

Make Safety a Priority with Ability Rent A Car

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