4 Types of Rental Car Insurance

Renting a vehicle for a business trip or a fun-filled weekend in Houston, TX, is easy with Ability Rent A Car. Not only does our team provide clean, reliable cars, trucks, and vans, but we also offer rental car insurance for your protection. So, before you drive off the lot, we ensure you and your rental are covered under any circumstance. Here are the four most common types of insurance we offer, and why they’re beneficial.

4 Type of Rental Car Insurance

1. Collision/Loss Damage Waiver

If your rental car is stolen, vandalized, or damaged in a crash, the collision/loss damage waiver protects you from being liable. This coverage also protects you from being responsible for the loss of use charge, which is the cost and time associated with repairs for the vehicle. 

2. Liability

Liability rental car insurance is also known as supplemental liability insurance (SLI). This type of insurance covers you if you damage property or injure others while operating your rental car. Furthermore, SLI helps pay for medical treatment for anyone hurt in an accident you caused.

3. Personal Accident

You never know what can happen while cruising around in your rental car. Accidents happen all the time, which is why you should consider having personal accident insurance included in your rental agreement. This coverage ensures any medical costs are covered for you and your passengers in the event of an accident .

4. Personal Effects Coverage

Lastly, personal effects coverage covers the cost of your personal items if they are stolen from your rental car or damaged while in use inside the vehicle. There is a cap on the amount that’s covered, and many people choose to decline this coverage unless they are carrying high-value items. 

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