3 Tips to Save Cash on Parking

Has it ever crossed your mind that you might be paying too much for parking when visiting a new city? While Houston, TX is well known for having some great sceneries and plenty of parking, it does seem absurd that you’d always pay a premium price. So, the team at Ability Rent A Car has your back. When you book your rental car with us, we’ll also help you navigate the city. This assistance also includes knowing how to save you some cold hard cash on parking.

3 Tips to Save Cash on Parking

1. Give Yourself Time

When you’re trying to make it to an event downtown, make sure you give yourself plenty of time. Not just because traffic could be a nightmare, but because you’ll be giving yourself plenty of time to find parking. Some of the less expensive lots tend to fill up faster for the obvious reason. Other more affordable might require a five-minute walk. So, just make sure you give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect parking place and make it to your event.

2. Reserve Ahead of Time

If you’re the planner of the group, then you might enjoy reserving your parking ahead of time. Doing so not only guarantees you a spot near your destination, but it also means you save money. We love using websites like ParkWhiz or SpotHero to help tourists and even residents find the perfect parking place.

3. Learn to Parallel Park

Many people will choose the pricy garage or lots over parking on the street because they don’t know how to parallel park. But if you’ve mastered the skill, then you could be in luck. Parking on a city block tends to be a lot cheaper than any of the nearby garages. So, if you want to save some cash and really enjoy your visit, make sure you snag a spot in between cars!

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