3 Creative Ways to Pay for Gas

It’s no secret that gas prices are on the rise. In fact, they seem to be going up every day! If you’re like most people, you’re looking for creative ways to pay for gas, especially if you have an upcoming trip to Houston, TX. Thankfully, Ability Rent A Car is here with three tips about how you can save money at the pump when you’re in one of our rentals.

3 Creative Ways to Pay for Gas

1. Compare Prices at Different Gas Stations

One way to save money at the pump is to compare prices at different gas stations. But, of course, this means you’ll want to pay attention to when you have to fill up and take advantage of a good deal when you see it. Thankfully, there are several apps out there that can help you do a quick search of the area and find the lowest price. 

2. Use a Rewards Credit Card to Earn Cash Back

Consider using a rewards credit card if you’re looking for a creative way to pay for your gas. Many cards offer cash back on gas purchases, so you can earn money while filling up your tank. Just be sure to pay off your balance in full each month to avoid interest charges. Many people even designate one card for gas and accumulate those rewards to help pay for fuel expenses on a long road trip. 

3. Find a Gas Station That Offers Discounts for Members or Club Organizations

Many of today’s gas stations offer member rewards or have partnerships with other organizations that give you discounts at the pump. Some of these include BP, Exxon, Pilot Flying J, and more! Becoming a member or joining a club is a great way to save at the pump. Like everything else, be sure to ask around or search online to find the best deal. 

Rent a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

Are you making plans to come to Houston, TX, soon? Then let Ability Rent A Car save you money both on your rental and at the pump. Our lot is full of fuel-efficient cars, SUVs, and minivans, and we can easily get you a quote on a rental today! You’ll even have the option to pay cash up front, so you don’t run into any unexpected charges. So, contact us today at (713) 224-5489.